When Нis Оwners Вring Snow Inside, Аn Indoor Сat Вecomes Quite Еxcited

Dibs was just another stray kitten living on the streets until he met Nate Troy when he was six months old.

He made the decision that Nate would be his future father and jumped into his car to accompany him home.

In reality, Nate is allergic to cats, yet he couldn’t say no to this lovely feline.

Nate and his wife named the kitten Dibs when they brought him home. When he chose to make them his people, the kitty “declared dibs” on them, giving him his endearing name.

His new family assisted him in adjusting to inside life and Nate handled his allergies, while also allowing him to go outside on occasion.

They noticed that he loved playing in the snow one day while he was outside.

“That first winter, Dibs spent hours frolicking, jumping, and enjoying the fun of his life in the snow.”

It was unlike anything Nate had ever seen before. Despite the fact that they had chosen he would be an indoor cat, they still wanted to offer him the opportunity to play outside, especially in the winter.

As a result, they decided to bring snow to Dibs!

To view his reaction, watch the following videos:

And now, whenever it snows, they bring a shovel full of snow inside for Dibs, who becomes enthralled all over again!