This Sem-feral Cat Finds A Home With Other Kitties Just Like him After Years of …

No one knows his exact age or where he came from, this semi-feral cat was given a second chance at a better life after a kind-hearted man rescued him from the verge of decline.

Meet Tuffy the cat!

A good man had been feeding this cat in his yard for about three months. Tuffy would come out of the bushes at the back of his home for food, but when he began to look very haggard, the man knew he had to help.

“Tuffy wouldn’t allow himself to be caught but the man was able to lure him into a carrier and got in touch with VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association),” VOKRA wrote on Facebook.

His eyes were infected and his sinuses were stuffed up. Despite being a little defensive, Tuffy learned that the volunteers at the shelter were trying to help. “He let us clean his eyes and ears, give him medicine and apply antibiotic eye cream.”

After spending so much time fending for himself outdoors, he was finally in good hands and was on the mend.

Courtesy: VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association

A week after the rescue, Tuffy felt stronger.

Volunteers washed his face with a warm wet compress every day, and it made him feel better. While his face was being cleaned, he allowed his human friends to pet his back.

They cared for him around the clock, applying eye cream and giving him oral antibiotic to help him fight his cold. With a lot of love and patience, the kitty was healthy enough to be neutered and receive the dental care that he desperately needed.

Courtesy: VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association

“As he came to us covered in fleas with his fur completely matted, we shaved the matts off his back which probably made him feel much more comfortable,” VOKRA said.

Tuffy was left with a lot of previous flea dirt on his skin. Bathing was out of the question, so the volunteers washed his body with a warm, wet facecloth instead.