This Cat’s Mom Bought A Statue That Looks Just Like Him, And Now He’s Obsessed With It

All of us know that cats often tend to have a really high viewpoint of themselves.

If our little feline furbabies got to determine, they ‘d have us worship them much more than the old Egyptians ever before did.

It’s no surprise after that, that when this pleased little feline uncovered that a person had increased a statue of him, he was absolutely delighted.


Lastly, Cosmo’s success was being identified.

The sculpture, which had actually all of a sudden shown up on the stairs in front of Cosmo’s house, had in fact been bought from Goodwill by his mother, Jenny Salzer.


According to The Dodo, he would certainly been surfing the second-hand store when she suddenly encountered a sculpture of a black feline that looked strangely similar to her cherished kitty Cosmo.

Though it was somewhat put on as well as scratched, its striking resemblance to Cosmo was enough to encourage her that she needed to buy it, and so she did.

When she obtained home, she placed the little apparition on the stairways leading up to her house and also really did not believe far more of it.


Cosmo is primarily an interior pet cat, yet he takes pleasure in obtaining some monitored play in the backyard periodically.

The day after Salzer had actually acquired the sculpture, she allowed Cosmo out to play and that’s when he found the magnificent statue of himself.


Cosmo was immediately drawn to the statuary as well as started sniffing it and rubbing himself around it.

Currently, each time he heads out to play, he spends some time hanging out with his stony double.


As well as with every passing day, Cosmo’s love for the sculpture appears to expanded also more powerful. Currently, he’s also begun embracing it by covering his little paws around it.

It’s safe to claim that this impulse buy was an overall victory, and also both Salzer and also Cosmo couldn’t be much more happy with the purchase.