This Cаt Went Virаl Beсausе He Learnеd To Bеg In A Waу That Mеlts Peoрle’s Hеarts

I think most of us would definitely agree that cats have a unique kind of cuteness. They show affection through their large eyes, they depict playfulness by chasing laser lights and toy spiders, and they become a part of your home by lying on their backs with their legs up in the air.

Whether cats want you to buzz off, entertain them, give them food, or show them bird videos on TV, they have a specific way of meowing for each activity, or in some cases, specific gestures, just like Wadsworth, a charming black kitty who currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Wadsworth (otherwise called Waddy) lives with two of his human owners, Natasha and Andrew Klosterman, accompanied by 5 other kitty siblings. What makes Waddy special, though, is the fact that he has a very special method when it comes to asking his hoomans for food.

Meet Wadsworth (otherwise called Waddy), a black kitty that has a very special method when it comes to asking his hoomans for food

We reached out to Waddy’s owners Natasha and Andrew with some questions. First, we asked them to tell us about how the cat’s Instagram account came to be.

“Me and my husband always kinda joked about making Waddy an Instagram because of how special he is! One day we thought of the name Waddy Waves and kept talking about it. Then finally I decided to make him one! It was towards the beginning of Covid, so I figured it was something to help us get through it, and the people of the internet as well!”

Of course, Waddy being the special cat that he is, we also wanted to know what his personality was like.

“Waddy definitely wants to be the center of attention all the time! He acts like a super tough cat, but can be baby when he doesn’t get what he wants. He has an obsessive personality (with his current obsession being with the bathroom again, and playing with a toy in the bathtub) and he will just beg and beg until he gets what he wants. Him begging makes him who he is! He has his own special way of communicating with us that makes it really easy to know what he wants!”

Waddy is the literal definition of a beggar when it comes to his favorite food, and to get his owner’s attention, the black cat presses his paws together and waves them until he finally gets his reward

We noticed that the black kitty wasn’t the only cat that was lucky enough to end up in Natasha’s and Andrew’s house, so we wanted to find out a little bit more about Waddy’s other friends as well.

Waddy has a lot of cat siblings! We have 6 kitties in total! Jax was our first cat, who we got at a cat cafe in 2017. Then, we got Waddy and Cutler (Cuttie) next, in 2018! They were born at my husband’s grandparents’ home, to one of their outdoor cats. We had planned on getting my father-in-law one of them, since he had missed having a cat once my husband moved out. One day, we got a phone call from my husband’s grandpa, saying that all the kittens were gone, and so was their mom, that something must have got them. Then a little bit later, we got another phone call from him saying that he found one! So we rushed up there and found one of the kittens in his bushes. As we were sitting there, getting the one kitten that was there, another kitten came running over, so we ended up taking both so whatever got their siblings didn’t come back for them.

We ended up keeping both because we didn’t want to separate them! Then we got Mystery in 2020. We adopted her from a local shelter. Then earlier this year, we rescued Spooky and Pepper. They were wild, somewhat feral cats that lived at my father-in-law’s house. Long story short, Pepper was injured, so we set traps to get her and both her and Spooky were in the trap, so we kept them both!”

It is a well-known fact that the stigma that surrounds black cats is quite unlucky and prominent (unfortunately), therefore asked Natasha and Andrew to tell us why exactly they chose Waddy.

“As stated in the previous question, we didn’t really go looking for a black cat, but we do love black kitties!! We don’t understand why people think black cats are bad luck. Waddy has been anything but bad luck! He has been such a blessing for us and truly lights up our home.”

So far it’s a trick that has worked every time on his owners, so Waddy is not afraid that his trick will ever lose its charm

Waddy is a pretty viral cat at the moment, and as you can see his pictures have been posted all over the internet. We asked the owner’s how they felt about their cat going viral!

“We’re so excited to share Waddy with the world! We love him so much. He is so special so we would love everyone to see how special he is!”

We also asked Andrew and Natasha to tell us a funny fact about Waddy!

“A funny thing Waddy does is that he tends to beg at the other cats sometimes. Mystery is a really shy cat (spends all day in our bed, and sometimes under the bed cause she gets picked on sometimes). I think he is just still curious about her since she doesn’t spend a lot of time socializing with the other cats. When she’s sitting on our laps, he’ll come over and beg at her and she absolutely hates it! He just doesn’t understand.”

Lastly…we just had to know what was Natasha’s and Andrew’s favorite thing about Waddy.

“Our favorite thing about Waddy is just how expressive he is! He has his own little way of communicating and it really shows how much attention he wants from us each day. And now we get to share that with the world!”

In fact, he’s quite confident that the effort he puts in gets him even better things in return

“Waddy started waving his paws when he was just a few months old. At first, he was waving to nothing, but with time his unusual talent developed into what it is now. No one trained Waddy to do that, but sometimes his humans encouraged him by petting him afterward.” Waddy’s owners told Brightside.

Wadsworth’s owners Natasha and Andrew as of now have 6 cats in total

Waddy has a sister Cutler, and there are 4 more cats, Jax, Mystery, Pepper, and Spooky!

Wadsworth vent viral online for his quirky antics, and his cute videos brighten people’s days all around the world