The Kittеn Is Resсued By Firеfighters, As It Wаs Traрped Insidе The Cаr

A scared stray kitten that had managed to sneak into a car became caught behind the dashboard while attempting to flee, and had to be rescued by an entire fire department.

The kitten had gotten into the automobile, which was parked outside the owner’s home in Konigstetten, Austria.

The small cat was napping on the car seat when the woman driver opened the door, but it became terrified when she tried to pick it up.

The terrified cat tried to escape her through a hole in the dashboard, and ended up getting stuck behind it.

The unidentified woman summoned the local fire department, who had to demolish the dashboard to release the kitty.

The woman said she had no idea how the cat got inside her car, which was parked in front of her home in the Austrian town. The kitten climbed in behind the dashboard through this tiny hole, so only its tail could be seen.

The unnamed owner of the car ended up having to call in the local fire brigade to help her.

To rescue the cat, the firefighters had to remove a big portion of the dashboard.

The firefighters had to remove enough of the dashboard to reach the cat and release it free, which took an hour.

The small kitty was subsequently transported to a veterinarian, but its owner could not be found.

The kitten was eventually returned to the driver, who has opted to adopt and care for it if the owner cannot be identified.

The kitten and its saviours after it was rescued from inside the car in Konigstetten, north-east Austria.