Stray Dog Proves Unwavering Loyalty by Refusing to Leave Injured Companion

Houston, US, an animal rescuer called Betty Walter was alerted about an injured dog in a square after being run over. She was not able to go as she was very busy working, so, she waited until she finished her job and went to the scene to check on the dog.

When she arrived there, she was completely shocked as the dog wasn’t all alone as there was another dog seemed to take care of her. The other dog knew that his friend was not well, so, he decided to stay with her to protect her till the help arrived.

However, the dog, who was named Allen, directly ran towards Betty to protect his friend. So, Betty had nothing to do but assuring him that she wanted to help them.

Thankfully, she was able to gain his trust and take them both into her vehicle. She then took them to the vet, where she knew that the injured dog had a broken pelvis, which was fixed by a surgery.

Thankfully, the injured dog started getting better, and she went into a foster home along with Allen. They will stay there until she is completely healed. Betty will try to find them a forever home together once the dog is healthy. How great! Watch the video below.

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