Senior Кitty, 15 Years Оld, Finds Нis Forever Нome

On the surface, it’s clear why people and families go to shelters first and foremost to adopt puppies and kittens, but delve a little deeper and it’s difficult not to realize how readily humans underestimate the worth of a senior pet. Senior cats, who are placid and gentle in their old age, frequently want nothing more than snuggles and hugs, as well as all the affection you can provide to a creature in need.

Dr. Ed Sheehan and his wife Clare Sheehan of Sheehan Veterinary Centre stumbled upon the Orphanage’s Faceook post promoting Barnaby for adoption before all hope could be lost. Clare stated,

We thought he required a lot of vet care based on his age and looks when we saw his image, etc. on Facebook.
So they immediately phoned the shelter and expressed their want to adopt him. The workers at Voorhees couldn’t be more delighted! With Ed and Clare, he returned home.

Barnaby was taken to Ed’s veterinarian practice for a comprehensive checkup, including blood testing, and the entire team fell in love with him right away. His enthusiasm was contagious.

Sheehan Veterinary Centre’s Rachel, a vet tech, said:

He mopped the floors after me to make sure no spots were missed, and he sat on my lap at the end of the night to check sure I did the books right.
He took his duty as su-purr-visor very seriously.

Barnaby did require medical attention, but he was in the correct location to receive it.

Rachel expressed herself as follows:

He’s on antibiotics now, and he looks to be getting better! He’s gained weight (almost a pound), and his coat is beginning to look healthier.

Rachel continued, animated and charming, to describe what it was like to work with Barnaby:

He appreciates being brushed on a daily basis and eating his special senior chow. He also takes his meds diligently and without complaint.

Dr Ed and his wife Clare recognized Barnaby as requiring specialized veterinary care that the typical family would likely be unable to pay, making finding him a permanent home much more difficult than adopting a senior cat.

Ed and Clare, on the other hand, saw Barnaby as deserving of a second chance at life and didn’t hesitate to provide it to him. Clare stated,

To us, Barnaby is more than just a ‘house cat.’ Dr. Sheehan, myself, and the rest of our team adore him and take great care of him.

Rachel went on to describe what it was like to work with Barnaby, energetic and charming:

He enjoys having his teeth cleaned every day and eating his special senior chow. He also takes his medications on a regular basis and without complaint.

Clare and the rest of the Sheehan Veterinary staff clearly adore Barnaby:

Our objective is to keep him healthy and happy throughout the remainder of his life. Who knows what he went through, but his Veterinarian Father and I, as well as the rest of his Vet Tech and Assistants family, will love and care for him.

The Sheehans now have a Facebook page where they provide information about Barnaby and other animals on a regular basis.

Every pet, we at Sheehan Veterinary Centre think, deserves a loving home. As a result, we routinely house many of the stray cats in our community who are searching for a “furrever” home.