Scary Feral Cat Warms Up To Foster Mom After She Helps Him Feel Better

When an elderly woman had to move to a care home, she left behind 13 cats who had been living under her trailer,


It was the dead of winter in Canada’s prairie province of Saskatchewan and the feral cats were no longer being fed, so rescuers with SOS Prairie Rescue came out and saved them. Among the cats was one named Eyeore.

Eyeore went home with Marcia to be fostered but she soon discovered that he wasn’t too friendly.


In fact, he could be a bit scary at times.

She had given him a large, private space but he would only come out of his den when she wasn’t around. And any time she reached for him, he would hiss and swat.


But Marcia was not deterred. She donned two pairs of gloves and set out to win Eyeore’s trust. It was during one of their rehabilitation sessions, that Marcia noticed something when Eyeore opened his mouth. Marcia could see he had rotten teeth – no wonder he didn’t want anyone touching him!


After his surgery, Eyeore calmed down a lot and there was a big change in him because he was no longer in pain. He looked forward to Marcia spending time with him and even put his paw on her when she was around! All of Marcia’s efforts paid off and after 84 days, Eyeore was finally ready for a forever home.


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