Rescuers Save Bull Terrier Found in the Snow along Michigan Highway

That is where Rudy comes in. He is a black and white bull terrier, and the call came to Michigan Humane when he was spotted along the highway.

When rescuers drove to the area, they saw him sitting in an embankment. He was covered in snow, and the snow continued to fall on him.

As the officers climbed the snow-covered bank to get to Rudy, he wasn’t sure what to think at first. Nobody is certain where Rudy came from, but it was clear that he had concerns about the humans heading in his direction.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Rudy to warm up to his rescuers. As you can see in a Facebook video shared by Michigan Humane, one of the humane officers got down on his level, and Rudy realized he could trust her.

After securing the dog, he began to adjust to his new situation. It almost seemed as if he was happy to be brought in out of the cold.

You can see Rudy walking on the lead and even allowing the animal control officers to lift him into the van. It was a picture-perfect rescue.

Rudy continued to warm up to his rescuers as they cared for him. He cuddled into their lap and seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting.

Within a week, it was reported that Rudy was “settling in well and enjoying lots of love and attention from our team.” They do what they can to care for his every need.

According to The Dodo, Rudy enjoys spending time with people and playing in the yard. He has also met other dogs and is very social. Like many dogs, he also enjoys having a snack and going for walks.

Soon, Rudy will be put up for adoption. Some forever family is going to be very lucky to have him in their home.