Man Wades Into Freezing Waters To Save Stranded Dog

But this can also make them dangerous if you happen to get too close to the edge of the water.

Most of us know to stay away from freezing waters in winter, but sometimes our animals don’t quite calculate things correctly and then end up finding themselves in a spot of trouble in freezing waters.

At least that is what happened for one little brown dog who found itself trapped on the Kalmius River. Onlookers were watching and filming as the little pooch was trapped about 5 meters from the shore.

It was clear that it was stranded with no way to get back to shore. Rather than just stand around and watch, one bystander decided to do something.

That is when the man stripped down to his underwear and shoes and began wading out to help the dog.

The man had to wade through frozen water, breaking up the ice chunks as he made his way to the nervous dog.

The daring feat from the brave stranger ended up being a gamble that paid off, as he was able to get the dog and bring it back to the safety of the shore.

Well done, sir!

Check out the brave rescue below:

What do you think of this man’s actions? Would you do the same if you saw a stranded dog in freezing water? Let us know!