Littlе Maсi, The 6 Weеks Old Kittеn, Who Survivеd The Lifе-Тhreаtening Diseаse

Little Maci was ill. She didn’t feel well. Her heartbeat was very fast and she had a lot of uncontrolled movements. We were very worried and we took her to the vet as soon as possible. The vet discovered she had cat flu and a very high fever (40,4 degrees Celcius).

Cat flu is like a human cold, but it can be fatal for kittens. The symptoms are sneezing, loss of voice, sore eyes, runny nose and fever. Little Maci was too young for antibiotics, so she got an anti-inflammatory drug from the vet. We took her back home and she slept a lot.

Little Maci’s recovery went well, thankfully! After a few days, little Maci felt better and started playing again.

Little Maci feels bad. She needs to go to the vet!

Little Maci waiting for the vet to examine her

The vet is checking Little Maci

She has very high fever (40,4 degrees Celcius)

Little Maci cuddles the vet

Little Maci gets her medicine