Littlе Girl Sings ‘You Arе My Sunshinе’ To Her 14-уеars-old kittу Cаt when He Pаsses Awaу

Pets are some of the most meaningful people in our lives. Even though they’re not human, cats and dogs can steal our hearts and become our best friends. Many people consider their beloved pet as a member of the family and nothing less.

As a sad reality of life, animals don’t live as long as humans. So there’s a good chance that everyone with a pet will have to suffer the loss at some point in their life. This is especially hard for younger children who may experience this as their first loss.

Make sure you have a massive supply of tissues nearby because this touching video is bound to make your cry a river. The clip shows an equally heartwarming and heartbreaking moment when a young girl sings a song called ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her kitty cat who is passing away…

Bailey the 14-years-old kitty cat

Abby is just 4-years of age yet every last bit of her upbeat recollections of the home incorporate her cherished kitty cat, Bailey. This dedicated cat has been with the family for more than 14 years and has built up a nearby bond with Abby since the time she was an infant.

The two love to hobnob by perusing and singing. They’re both resolved to make the most of consistently, and it seems like the kitty Bailey can see each word that Abby sings impeccably.

Heartbreakingly, the tune caught on this video would be the last time Abby sang to Bailey the kitty before the furriest individual from the family disregarded that rainbow connect. Bailey’s kidney fizzled and she died a couple of hours after the inspiring second was recorded.

At the point when this video was posted on the web, it immediately contacted the core of thousands of individuals the nation over and even the whole world. The post was shared, enjoyed, and remarked on. Hannah, Bailey’s more youthful sister, likewise needed to endure the grievous misfortune…

last goodbye

To cheer up the children, dozens of people wrote and sent gifts after seeing the video, as reported here on

Bailey’s mother responded to all of the kind cards and comments by thanking the nice people who decided to give up time out of their day to help during this sad time.

She said that the help was helping and that it was ideal to see so much love and a feeling of the network when so much antagonism is seen online more often than not.

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