Kitty Rescued from Earthquake Rubble Stays by Firefighter’s Side

A feline rescued from the debris following the devastating earthquake in Turkey has chosen to remain with his rescuers. The cat has been faithfully staying by the side of the rescue workers for days, following them wherever they go. In a touching video shared on Reddit, the black and white cat can be seen perched on one of the firefighters who is tirelessly searching for survivors.

A Reddit user shared a translation of an interview in which a firefighter discusses the cats they have rescued. The firefighter mentions that they rescued the cat shortly after rescuing another cat, and handed the first cat over to its owner. The man explains that they rescued the second cat the day after. As he speaks, the cat affectionately nuzzles his chin.

“We named him Enkaz (rubble), because we rescued him from hell. It may sound a bit grim, but we wanted to remember him this way. We share our food and drink with Enkaz here,” he continues.

“The cat has not left our side either. We are also searching for clues to find the owner of the cat. But he refuses to leave. I see a sadness in this cat. I keep him close to me in case the owner comes.”

While the firefighter speaks, he gently strokes the cat and smiles. It’s evident that there is a bond of affection between them.

The firefighter adds, “But if the owner doesn’t come forward, I’m considering taking him home with me as a keepsake.”

You can view their heartwarming interaction in the Facebook video clip below: