I Resсued A Newbоrn Kittеn Traрped Undеr The Floоr At Mу Sсhool And Nоw Shе Seеs Evеry Humаn As A Вlessing

One day during a class I heard squeaking noises that sounded like a kitten. Some of the students got concerned, so we stayed after the class and tried to figure out where was it coming from.

Long story short, there was a kitten of 2-3 days trapped under the floor. I took her home even though my family was totally against.

She was still blind and had to be nursed and taken care of. Weeks of nanny shifts later while she needed to be fed every 2-3 hours, she started opening her eyes. I myself hold her the moment she opened her eyes for the first time. The first ones Fima ever saw were humans. And up till this day, we are her parents.

We had a female sterilized cat Jennifer, who took over our shifts. Jennifer was breastfeeding the baby and washing her as it was her own baby. She took care of a little Fima until she passed away.

And the love story doesn’t end here. A little rescued soul Fima was about 7-8 months old when we decided to get her a buddy.

When she met the kitten Silver, she was more than grateful and more than just a mom for him. She was his guardian angel, as Jennifer was for her. She let Silver suck on her nipples even though she never had any milk, she nursed him and washed him as mommy does. She was the best foster mom. As of today, Fima and Silver are the best friends. And Fima still sees every human as a blessing.