Guу Wаkes Up To Find Strау Kittеn Naрping On His Laр – So He Аdoрts Her

One day in Canberra, Australia, Ali Safa was enjoying a lazy day at home, he decided to go out in the garden to enjoy the sun.

Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep, and when he woke up, he wasn’t alone.

“I was taking a nap on the balcony of our house, and, like two hours later, I woke up and I found her just napping on my stomach,” Ali told The Dodo. “At first, I thought she was a rat.”

Turns out, a little white kitten was lounging on Ali’s stomach. It was purring and looked happy to be there. His heart warmed when he saw the little kitty down there.

“I never really had a pet and I am a bit of a loner so I don’t have many friends, too. While she was sleeping I kept hearing that ‘purr’ sound cats make and it was the cutest shit I have ever heard.”

Despite seen an abundance on stray cats in his neighborhood, Ali felt this was different and decided that the kitten had chosen him.

“[I] wasn’t really bothered if she has fleas or anything like that ’cause I thought to myself, ‘If she does have fleas, I probably already have fleas, too, so whatever.’”

Eventually, the cat woke up and seemed to already be familiar with Ali.

“The first thing she does is step down [off] the sofa, look me in the eyes, and start meowing nonstop for 20 seconds. She’s obviously hungry, so guess who’s sharing the chicken wings my mom made?”

Ali took the little kitten in for a bath, which she was surprisingly patient for, and this is when he began thinking about adopting her.

“There really aren’t any house rules against pets in my family and she looked like she can use some family, so I was like, ‘Screw it, I’m keeping her.’”

He named her Angel and took her to the vet, she was healthy and didn’t have a microchip so she didn’t have an owner.

Two weeks later, and everything has changed for both of them, Angel now has a forever home and Ali has a little friend to play with.

“All I can say is that she is the most fun cat I have ever gotten to play with. All she does is just roam around me all the day wanting pets or to play.”

“I’d be on my laptop working and she would just jump on my keyboard and sit between my arms. Picking her up and putting her down on the ground won’t help because she would just jump right back up until she gets the petting she wants.”