Deeply Depressed Аbout Нer Оwner’s Loss, А Sad Кitty Seeks Сomfort In Visiting Нim In Нis Grave Еvery Day

Much has been made about a puppy’s loyalty to its owner, which is understandable given that these creatures often do the most noble deeds for their human parents.

However, cats are not the only loyal animal on the earth, and, despite some doubts, they are a clear illustration of how, when there is love, more than one creature sacrifices its comfort to become unconditional until death.

Although this red-haired kitty lost her father a few years ago, his physical absence has not been able to erase her most cherished memories. That is why Nana pays more attention to her late owner’s grave than the man’s own family.

Hazlynn Nozi, the eldest son of Nana’s former owner, posted the story to a Facebook group in September.

“Nana would always accompany Dad to the mosque and wait for him to conclude his prayers before accompanying him home. “Compared to the other cats in the home, this cat had a special affinity with Dad,” Hazlynn added.

Nana can’t forget about Hazlyn’s father, who died more than two years ago. The kitten’s temperament deteriorated and she lost weight in the weeks after her owner’s physical departure. The family thought she would die of despair, but the cat discovered a way to rekindle her will to live.

Every morning, Nana appears at her owner’s grave and romps on the tombstone, like she did when he was alive, to lie at his side. The bones of Hazlynn’s father are interred in an enclosure close to the family home, making it convenient for Nana to visit.

“Can you believe it?” When we arrived, (Nana) was already there waiting for us. Father, you came to the graveyard before your children. In one of the posted photographs, Hazlynn wrote, “Please forgive us father.”

“However, coming to the cemetery isn’t Nana’s only tradition; this kitty also stayed in areas where Dad spent his time, such as on the swing, which was Dad’s favorite spot, or even sat in his old automobile,” Hazlynn added.