Cute Black Cat Plays Scary Horror Movie Music

A good horror movie would not be the same without a good score.

Just listening to a haunting track not only highlights the terror of a film, played at just the right time it can make your hair stand on end.

Halloween wouldn’t have had the same impact without John Carpenter’s pulse-pounding theme and the same goes for the classic sci-fi horror The Thing.

They both rely on chilling music that leave you on the edge of your seat.

And would Jaws have become one of the most successful films of all time if it had been missing it’s famous score.

These films rely on their score to bring your emotions to the surface and create an atmosphere and wouldn’t be the same movies without it.

But who would have thought that a black cat mindlessly walking across a keyboard could create a truly spine-chilling nightmarish song without even trying.

In this video we meet Mitzi, a very cute black kitty that decided to take a stroll across the keyboard of her human’s synthesizer.

Although Mitzi is moving at her own pace, her notes feel deliberate, as if she really put some thought into building the tension from one moment to the next.

Little did she know that her innocent movements would create something that even John Carpenter would be proud of.

Who would of thought that an adorable black cat could create a haunting horror movie score simply by taking a leisurely stroll across a keyboard.

Watch the video:


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