Courageous Mother Dog with Broken Leg Gives Birth to Four Puppies on Cold Concrete Floor

What a lovely lass fighting to save her puppies, glad she was rescued – hope her legs can be repaired and that she finds a loving forever home…! 

The number of feral dogs in Greece is constantly increasing, and one of the most difficult cases is a mother who has to raise her babies alone when she is helpless.

The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team of Karditsa, Greece, is a small group of rescue volunteers who work tirelessly to help Greece’s stray dogs.

Suzi, a homeless dog, lives in a village where several residents have given her food and water, even so, none of them want to approach her, so she gave birth on a cold concrete floor, and to make matters, she was [h.i.t b.y] a car three days later, [injuring] her back leg.

The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team couldn’t take her pitiful situation any longer and decided to take her and her four puppies to the vet. Suzi and her children were well fed, watered, and accommodated.

The next day, ve.t Rania examined Souzi thoroughly to determine the extent of her injury; her leg was in ba.d shape, with two broken places and damaged skin, so she and the four dogs were separated. Rania will have her puppy for a few days. Fortunately, she is capable of caring for her children, and because they are so young, they will not stray far from their mother!

Her injuries will heal quickly, and everyone is working hard to find her and her children a new home so that this small family will no longer have to wander outside.

Suzi appears to be overjoyed and grateful to the people who saved her and her baby. Suzi is a really sweet beautiful girl who deserves to live a happier life!

Thank you to the great person who saved her and her darling little babies what a wonderful mother dog, the amazing lengths mums will go to protect their babies, good luck darling girl, 

Bless you, for helping her and her puppies.