Canine on Turkish street takes pleasure in playing with balloons.

A dog in Istanbul, Turkey is going viral after she was filmed playing with a balloon in the streets.

In TikTok videos shared by @mehmetiiz34, the tan dog is playing on Istiklal Street, a popular busy street for tourists and shoppers. She’s playing with a balloon, bopping it into the air with her nose.

She’s looking like she’s having a lot of fun and it’s a moment of innocence not often afforded to stray animals.

In another video shared on TikTok, the dog plays with a heart-shaped balloon. Contrary to commentary, the balloon popped accidentally, when she ran into the guys watching her.

Although various social media channels have indicated the dog is a street dog, of which there are many in Turkey, this dog may or may not be one. She is missing the telltale ear tag that usually indicates a dog is homeless. She also appears to have recently had a litter. However, it’s

Street dogs in Istanbul are looked after by a program that provides vaccines and spay and neuter services along with other veterinary care. Food and water stations are also provided throughout the city.

Many times street dogs are additionally fed by shopkeepers, something one redditor indicated, writing: “Municipalities and shop owners keep them fed most of the time and they have their own pack in all around of İstanbul, dogs have it harder than cats but being stray in Turkey is not the same with the Western understanding of it, all of us do their fair share of buying them foods, and like I said municipalities have a drink and meal boxes everywhere in the streets for them to drink and eat.”