Bulldog’s Bowl Collection Obsession: Special Delivery Brings Joy

Every dog has a peculiar habit, and dog owners love to share it with others. Andrew owned a cute Bulldog, Theo, the apple of his eye. The adorable creature was obsessed with bowls.


It was almost like a pacifier or more like a security blanket for the dog. Andrew felt that Theo was very comfortable whenever he had one of his bowls with him. He was usually a very relaxed and mellowed dog. However, he would usually get energetic when kicking bowls around the house.

Theo had this personality trait since he was a puppy, and it’s kind of stuck with him. He loved his bowls more than anything and was completely obsessed with them. He always wanted to play with the bowls and only cared about them.

As soon as Andrew opened the dishwasher door showing the rack full of bowls, Theo would quietly walk towards them and quickly grab one of his favorite bowls. Andrew had tried to introduce other toys, but the Bulldog did not seem to care.

Theo just wanted to be with bowls. The adorable dog used them as his toys. He even ate out of them. When he was tired, he slept with them. The bowls are around the house everywhere, all day long.

Since he was so fond of bowls, Andrew decided to surprise him with a box of 20 new bowls delivered in front of his house. He wanted to see how Theo reacted when he saw his new toys. The owner guided his dog towards the delivery parcel they had received. Theo walked towards it and sniffed the box.

Soon, the Bulldog had his face inside the box, trying to grab his favorite toys. Theo brought the toys inside and started to play with one of the bowls. This was when Andrew emptied the contents of the box on the floor. Theo was super excited to find so many bowls on the floor and did not know what to do. He ran towards one of the bowls and started to play with it. This was what Andrew had expected from his adorable Pitbull, fond of unique toys.