BIind Stray Cat Was Cơnfidеnt Abơut Finding A Hơmе Fơr HеrsеIf And Hеr Kittеns

Mama Clue was found outside an old couple’s home. When the couple’s son stopped by for a visit, he observed the adorable cat with crusted-over eyes. He tracked her down to her resting lair, where he discovered three little kittens waiting for her.

Mama Clue was well aware that she and her children required assistance, and as soon as she had the opportunity, she directed someone to them.

The man who found the little family contacted Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, who quickly agreed to sponsor a vet visit for Mama Clue and her kittens. The rеscuе didn’t have an open foster home at the time, but they knew they couldn’t just leave the family outside, so they quickly came up with a plan to make it work.

“At the time, [Mama Clue] was considered to have serious eye infections that were just sealing her eyelids shut, and she was given an injection of antibiotics,” Coastal Bend Cat Rescue officer Mary Huckabee told The Dodo.

“We were concerned about the health of the 1-week-old infants if they had to be outside with a siсk mom, so we shuffled foster homes and found a home for Clue and her babies with an experienced mama/baby foster.”

All three of the kittens had health issues that needed tending to, and everyone was so glad that they were rеscuеd just in time. Once Mama Clue was settled in, her foster mom noticed that her eyes weren’t just infected — she had no normal eye tissue and had always been completely blind.

Somehow, though, she’d sưrvivеd on her own and managed to be a great mom to her babies, including making sure they were found and taken somewhere safe.

The whole family was named after board games: Mama Clue, Candyland, Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders. The kittens all began to heal right away, and Mama Clue has continued to show again and again that she really is the best mom ever.

“Mama Clue is a great mom — being blind doesn’t bother her at all,” Huckabee said. “She was initially very protective of her babies and loved having a Kitty Kasa to keep her babies safe. She would supervise her foster mom very closely when she removed the babies from their cubes for daily weighing and medications.

Occasionally she would be surprised when a baby would meow from a place where she didn’t expect it.

She was not very happy when the babies started getting mobile around 3 weeks of age — they didn’t stay where she put them! She would carry them back to ‘their place’ over and over before she realized she was fighting a losing battle and that her babies were now ready to explore.”

Mama Clue, in addition to caring for her babies, has let her guard down now that she’s safe in her foster home and has turned into the sweetest little thing.

She enjoys scratching and belly rubs and is always happy to see her foster mother when she enters the room. Despite having spent her whole existence as an outdoor cat, she is ecstatic to be living in luxury and has no desire to return.

The kittens and Mama Clue will be ready to find their happy homes once they are old enough and have recovered. They’re enjoying life in the safety of the home Mama Clue selected for them till then.