Almоst Everyоne Wants To Adорt This Verу Special Kittу That Looks Likе Babу Yodа

This stray cat found in North Carolina is going to have no problem finding a forever home after a viral set of pictures have the internet comparing her to Baby Yoda, Dobby the elf, and the titular critters from the classic Gremlins.

Jana Aviles, a vet tech in North Carolina, recently posted pictures of this cat that was brought into her clinic by a local rescue organization. Within a few days, hundreds of people from all over the US and beyond had fallen in love with the cat’s oddly positioned ears and short stature. The post clarified that the stray, who appears covered in dirt and scabs in her intake photos, was still being held for medical treatment, but the rescue organization is sure to be inundated with applications as soon as they put her up for adoption.

Overwhelmed by the cat’s overnight fame, Aviles decided to use her reach to spread an important message about adopting animals.

A vet tech posted pictures of this unique-looking patient at her clinic

She gave this update after being overwhelmed by inquiries about the cat

Here are some pictures that Aviles took of the cat at the clinic

This isn’t the first time rescuers have let a cat’s celebrity resemblance work as viral marketing. In 2016, a handsome Oriental Shorthair was adopted in no time after being compared to Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren in the latest run of Star Wars sequels.