A Stray Cat Entеrs Thе Hơusе And Giνеs Birth Tơ Kittеns

When a stray cat appeared on Angela Watts and James Harold’s front porch, they were enjoying a get-together with friends.

When they opened the door, they discovered a cat begging to be allowed in.

The couple had been considering obtaining a cat, so when she decided to make herself at home in their living room, they knew it was fate.

“We decided to keep her, and she fell asleep in my arms after we gave her a bath,” James explained. “It just seemed evident that she needed assistance and that we were able to offer it.”

Jupiter was chosen as the cat’s name because her hair patterns resembled those found in the planet’s clouds. Watts told The Dodo, “She is properly titled, for she has become our Gassy Planet.” “She’s farted in my face a couple of times.”

Jupiter had been looking for the right home since she was pregnant and needed a place to nurture her kittens, they later found.
Jupiter’s distended tummy had been noted by the couple, but they assumed it was due to an illness or parasite.

“I was certain she was infested with worms.” “When we took her to the vet the next day, the nurse assumed she was pregnant, and we were thrilled at the prospect,” Angela explained. “We could see the spine of one of the kittens when the vet and nurse returned with the ultrasound!”

Jupiter gave birth to two healthy kittens, one boy and one girl, just weeks after choosing her permanent home, and the couple decided to keep them as well.