A Mother’s Unyielding Love: Despite Being Shooed Away, a Dog Mom Sacrifices Her Own Body to Shield Her Sole Remaining Puppy.

A lunatic shooed a mother when she has no where to go! She merely used her body to protect her only baby left. She crawled away but he took video upload on internet.

I never comprehend how sick is that dude! The video went viral and local animal authority stepped in.

They quickly located the place and went to help her. And they took her and her baby immediately to the Vet Clinic.

The mother dog has a broken back leg, not sure why. Her baby has 1000+ of parasite on his little body.

Next day was time for reunion in the vet special treatment room. They became healthier allowed to go to the animal authority shelter.

They name her Mika and her little boy is Kenneth, both are safe now.

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