A Littlе Swееt Kittеn Mеlts Milliоns Of Hеаrts With A Mоrning Nibblе On A “Stеrn” Mаn’s Eаr!

Would you like to be woken up every morning by a “Naturally” sweet, fluffy alarm clock?

After a long hard day, you just want to tie yourself to your bed, with pillows and warm blankets. What could make you leave your peaceful slumber and wake up the next morning for work? Let me suggest! Something cool and lovely with soft fur and sharp claws, scratching at everything even your head. Yeah, it’s your kitten!
That’s exactly what happened to Irina and his yellow and white spotted kitten, Pinky.

Pinky is a member of the family of British Shorthair cats and rare-colored cats. Perhaps, living with many kittens makes Irina no longer surprised if Pinky is close and cuddled with him. It’s just a daily routine.
Another exciting thing! These kittens have almost replaced alarm clocks.

A kitten has many advantages over a regular alarm. They will constantly annoy you with their caterwaul and some coddled gestures like climbing on you. You simply will never “turn off” them unless you wake up and feed them.

In addition, being petted or rubbed by a cat shows that it trusts that person a lot.It seems that Irina has gained the trust of
Pinky. And, don’t be surprised if your cat nibbles on your fingers and toes. It is a sign of trust!

The eyes of kittens are emotional. If we like to show affection with kisses, cats like to look at each other for a long, and stare after every blink. Unfortunately, not everyone wants or is allowed to live with cats. Allergies in cats and dogs are the main reason someone can’t keep these wonderful animals!

Irina is also unlucky to have that disease. But she didn’t mind because she gave so much love to her cats. She says that cats are an integral part of her life!

Pinky even has a pink house with cute cat ears, and when she’s in that house, the cuteness is doubled!

Whispering sweet nothings. It does not get any better than a cat telling you its secrets. You are a chosen one ^..^
What a sweetheart!

No one could resist her for sure. God bless this precious little angel!

Watch the video bellow: