A 7-year-old girl rescued a horribly disfigured kitten who was being ignored

Some cats who have lived difficult lives may seem “unattractive” to some people’s eyes. This was the case with Gülümser , a street cat from Istanbul, Turkey.

Since birth, Gülümser has lived among the garbage and dirt of the busy streets of Istanbul.

For the first four weeks of her life, she constantly called for help. But although many faced this, no one helped them in any way.

Gülümser was horribly disfigured – she had a deformed face, an ear was missing, her face was full of larvae and ticks.

No one wanted to approach the poor boy, until that day, a 7-year-old girl heard the cries of a kitten. The young girl quickly discovered a small kitten hidden in the trash.

She immediately wanted to help and insisted on bringing the kitten home. His father, a doctor, decides to try and cure the poor animal. Thus began the path of recovery for little Gülümser.

Gülümser received medicine, food, love and a much-needed reconstructive surgery.

Thanks to a lot of love and care, the little miracle kitten began to slowly transform. She was full of courage and determination!

Look at her now – she’s just a gorgeous cat living a happy life in her eternal new home – all thanks to a little girl with a very big heart.

What an incredible transformation! It really touches the soul. Thank you little angel for saving this beautiful soul. If you liked this, please share it with your friends and family.