Тhis Little Кitten Сhanged The Мind Of The Мan With PTSD Who Used Тo ” Нate Сats”

After working as a paramedic and firefighter, he was diagnosed with PTSD a few months ago. He couldn’t sleep without nightmares and often envisioned horrific things occurring around him.

His private life began to suffer as a result of the leftover stress. He couldn’t deal, so he turned to drinking and damaged relationships as a result of his mental anguish.

He had no idea his life was going to alter radically when at a party when one of his friends offered to give him a cat.

He brought the kitten home after accepting the offer and stopping at a pet store for some much-needed supplies.

He named the kitten Shiro and googled all he needed to know about kitten care once he got home.

“Hey, a friend of mine has kittens for adoption!” “You should take one,” he remembered his friend advising him.

TakaBaka went about teaching Shiro, seeing him develop and learn about the world around him, and they became fast friends.

Shiro, he says, was a huge help to him through this trying period, and he wants to urge others to listen to those who are suffering from PTSD or depression.

Shiro undoubtedly assisted TakaBaka in overcoming his troubles; this tiny white kitten arrived at just the right time.