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A cat rested comfortably on a furry gray bed outside an apartment complex in Corpus Christi, Texas.

A piece of paper was attached to several mailboxes above her, with a letter written on it appealing for help.

Kayla was working in the leasing office of her apartment complex when a coworker came in to inform her about the abandoned kitten.

“Kayla hurried out with her coworker to investigate what was going on, and what she saw was not exactly what she was anticipating,” Coastal Bend Cat Rescue board member Lindsay Haglund told us. “A mom cat was sleeping in a bed with a towel wrapped over her.” So Kayla raised the blanket to check on the mom cat and spotted three small newborn kittens.”

“They could see the mom cat was still in pain and recognized she was in the process of giving birth,” she continued.

Kayla, a volunteer with Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, assisted the cat in safely delivering her fourth child before scooping the tiny family up in their bed and bringing them inside.

Kayla phoned her mother and the rescue from the office to see if they could assist.

With the help of the rescue, Kayla’s mother consented to take in the cat, now called BonBon, and her four adorable babies. Even though the small family had a rough start, they couldn’t be happier in their foster home.

“They’re growing up so fast!” “Bonbon has been a wonderful mom cat to her kittens, and they are all doing well in foster care,” the rescue posted on Facebook. “The babies are beginning to play and struggle with one another.” But their favorite hobby remains eating… and Mama Bonbon is making sure that everyone is growing and healthy!”

Mama Bonbon makes it a point to express to her foster mother how grateful she is to have a secure environment to raise her family.

“The mom cat is quite lovely and kind,” remarked Haglund. “You could almost sense she was grateful.” She purrs, bakes cat cookies, and adores her foster mom, and she’ll be easily adopted when the time comes.”

When BonBon’s babies reach the appropriate age, the family will be transferred to a local no-kill shelter, where they will begin their quest for a forever home.

BonBon found the right people to assist her in her time of need, and she can now concentrate on being a loving mother to her four lively kittens.