Нilаrious Vidеo Shоws Cаt Freаking Out Whеn He Realizеd He Hаd Just Bеen Neutеred!

There are lots of reasons why cats rule the internet. They are cute, funny, and they are one of the most expressive animals on the planet. Whatever mood they are in, whether they are happy, pissed, or just indifferent, they are just too adorable and begging to be captured on video. This video of a cat in China realizing his balls are missing is simply one of the best cat videos ever!

See, the cat, an American shorthair, was busy cleaning himself, licking his fur all over and being cute while he was at it. When he got to his groin area, he realized that something was missing, as the spot where his balls used to be is now just a flat surface.

It was flat because he had just been neutered.

With shock wr itten all over his face, the cat stared straight into the camera with his eyes and mouth wide open.

He looked at his owner, who was probably dying of laughter as it was heard in the background.

The poor thing… but he’ll get over it! Cat owners are urged to have their pets spayed or neutered in order to control the birth of unwanted kittens. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 3.4 million cats enter shelters every year.

Spaying or neutering also brings other health benefits. Neutered male cats reduce their aggressive instincts, which means no fighting with other male cats especially in the presence of a female cat in heat. Neutering also reduces or eliminates their spraying of urine on surfaces, which male cats normally do to mark their territories. This makes the house cleaner and devoid of the pungent odor.

Surgery for the cats are done in the vet’s clinic; for neutering, a male cat is given an anesthetic to numb the incision, which is done to remove the balls. After closing up the wound, the cat can be released on the same day or confined for the night if there are complications.