Еveryone At Тhe Shelter Falls In Love With А Grumpy-Faced Сat

Even for cat lovers, grumpy-faced cats are a mixed bag. Their enraged expression has its supporters, but it certainly has its detractors. That facade, on the other hand, gives no clue of what lurks behind. The majority of the time, these cats are rather lovely, and Saul from London is a prime example.

Saul was rescued from the streets of London with very minor injuries. He was brought to the RSPCA by a bystander who realized he could require medical attention. After a vet inspection, it was determined that Saul was in good health, so he was fed and given time to recover.

It was evident from the minute Saul arrived at the RSPCA that he was one-of-a-kind. The staff were drawn to him because of something hidden underneath his gloomy exterior. Nobody knows if he was born with a grumpy face or whether it’s the result of previous injuries. Whatever it is, Saul is adored by everybody.

Saul will be placed for adoption and sent to a shelter in Southall as soon as he is ready. Even with the grouchy expression, we’re confident that he’ll find a loving home, given how much everyone loves him.