А Woman Аdopts A Вig-Eyed Кitten And Quickly Realizes He’s A Оne-Of-A-Кind Feline

Every day, millions of pets are abandoned, which tears our hearts. Many of them do not live happy lives, but every now and then, we come across a happy ending story. That is the story of Porg, a remarkable cat with large eyes that was adopted by a wonderful woman.

Porg was found in a cardboard box in the Chicago underground system. A woman saw the package and opened it while waiting for a train to work one day. Inside, Porg was in horrible form, with a massive wound on his neck and enormous eyes. The mother hurried it to her veterinarian, who examined him thoroughly.

Elise Hall, the vet, fell in love with the kitten right away. She brought Porg home with her after healing the injuries so he could grow stronger and be ready for adoption. She named him after the Porgs from Star Wars, who had the same large eyes.

After a week, Elise realized Porg wasn’t your typical cat. He was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome after additional evaluation. He leaves large markings on his skin every time he scratches himself. Porg wears garments almost all of the time to preserve his delicate skin.

Aside from that, he’s a typical energetic and cute kitty. Elise had intended to put him up for adoption, but she had no intention of doing so. She adores his distinct appearance and adores him as much as Porg does her.

We’re glad this unfortunate kitty’s tale had a nice ending, and we hope that others, like Elise, will be able to do the same.