А Сat Runs Тo A Woman Оn А Farm Аnd Is So Sure Of Нerself Тhat She Сries Оut Тo Нer Siblings As Well

When a family from Canada discovered three small kittens on a farm two weeks ago, they were taken aback.

Sylvie noticed a kitten running around the yard without its mother, but she wasn’t alone. Two other kittens trailed closely after her. He quickly sought assistance from his daughter Vicky.

The kittens ran straight for the adults as soon as they noticed them approaching and began to follow them like persistent tiny ducklings. They were constantly meowing, as if they were pleading for food and attention.

They leaped into their owners’ laps and even attempted to crawl on their shoulders. Vicky searched the area for other kittens but came up empty-handed.

The family chose to wait for the mother cat to return because the kittens were so young. There was still no trace of her after several hours. The kittens were taken inside the property and put in a secure location.

The babies were roughly three weeks old and need round-the-clock care. Vicky built the trio a makeshift cat home and provided them with a warm bed, blankets, and toys.

Vicky headed over to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a Montreal-based animal rescue organization, to take care of the feeding duties. He couldn’t adopt any more cats, but he couldn’t stomach leaving these two orphaned kittens alone.

Vicky returned to the farm several times over the next three days, bringing kitten formula and canned food to nurse the kittens back to health. The three hairballs would leap from their comfy nest and sprint for their food giver as soon as she entered.

The trio would leap onto Vicky’s lap and snuggle up for a love session when their bellies were full.

Vicky returned home with the kittens a few days later to give them a bath and spend more time with her. They covered the kittens in towels and hugged them after properly washing them.

The feline brothers adapted to the interior life admirably. They demanded Vicky’s undivided attention at all times and couldn’t wait for lunch.

They began to clamber up the legs of their owners as soon as they heard the can being opened and screamed out in unison for food.

Vicky took the kittens to Chatons Orphelins Montréal after two weeks of caring for them so they could receive the medical attention they required as well as the opportunity to live in a loving home for the rest of their lives.

Pilorie was the only girl in the litter, while her brothers Ed and Barblet were the only boys. The two brothers are really close. They always cuddle up well when napping and do everything as a threesome.