А Кitten Мeows For Аffection Аs It Runs Up Тo А Fisherman

“She approached me and a companion when we were fishing,” said the man, who thought she was crossing a two-lane highway to reach them on the opposite side.

They soon discovered a kitten that looked to be her sister. He assumed that the two of them had been abandoned together. This brother and sister were obviously far too young to be separated from their mother.

This man had taken a shine to the small grey cat, who followed him about like a duckling.

He quickly chose to bring her home to be a member of his family, and he found another family to adopt her sister.

It didn’t take her long to feel at ease after she arrived at her new home.

This small grey cat was enthralled by all the attention and, above all, by being cuddled – at long last, he felt secure.

Then it was time for the essential bath. She didn’t grumble since she was so grateful to finally have someone to look after her.

“She’s doing well now, eating like a champ, already doing well with kitty litter, and we’ve de-fleaed her as best we can because there aren’t any anti-flea medicines we can safely use because she’s so young and tiny.”

When they’re wrapped up in a towel after a bath, they always look so lovely.

It’s time for kitten burritos!

This tiny kitten has found her forever home and is now a permanent member of this family.

He didn’t catch a lot of fish that day, but he did bring home something much prettier!